Newable Benefits

At Newable, we strongly believe in rewarding high performance. This is right at the heart of who we are as an employer: we recognise success, we provide progression on merit and we try to make sure that employees are given a fair share of the financial success of the company as we strongly believe in the value of individual and collective contribution.

Your salary package will reflect your experience and role; however, we are also aware that every little helps. We therefore have a range of benefits we believe help to enhance your salary package, and make Newable a better place to work:

Pay & Recognition


We will review your salary each year, however, it is not guaranteed that you will receive a salary increase.

Company Pension Scheme

Newable will double match employees’ pension contributions up to 8%. Meaning if you contribute 4% of your salary, Newable will contribute 8%. Your contributions are paid on a salary sacrifice basis, which means before tax deductions, therefore increasing the value of your take home pay, as you’ll be paying lower National Insurance contributions (NICs).

Annual Pension Reviews

You have the opportunity to receive one-to-one advice from a pension adviser on an annual basis. They will provide advice and examine how well your fund is performing.

Discretionary Bonus Scheme

Newable pays a discretionary annual bonus based on your business area’s performance.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Newable will pay a referral fee of £2000 if you introduce an employee to Newable provided they successfully pass their probation.

Recognition Programme

Our Annual Values Award programme rewards and recognises ‘above and beyond performance’ in line with Newable’s five values: Dream Big, Get Going, Grow Together, Always Improve and Pass It On.

Share Option Scheme

A Company Share Option Scheme is available for all Newable Partnership employees, so that all employees are rewarded for their contribution to Newable's growth.

Training & Development

£500 for Professional Development and Wellbeing Initiatives

Newable will provide £500 each year towards your professional development; this will include personal and wellbeing initiatives to enhance your mental health and wellbeing.

Professional Qualifications

Newable will sponsor you to gain a professional qualification that will help you grow and develop in your role and for future roles. This is discretionary and is dependent on budget and Line Manager approval.

Study Leave

You are able to request study leave of up to ten days per annum to help you achieve your professional qualification.

Annual Memberships

Your professional development is important to us. Newable will pay for your annual professional membership subscription to approved and relevant professional bodies.

E-learning workshops

We provide e-learning workshops which focus on understanding and improving your mindset and interactions at work.

Private Medical Insurance

We will provide you with single cover for private medical insurance through Vitality on a no medical history basis. The single cover premium is paid by Newable, however, as this is a taxable benefit there would be a tax charge through payroll each month. If you are a basic rate tax payer under the age of 65 years, the annual tax charge is £110.02 and for the higher tax payer £220.05 on a single premium of £550.14 paid by Newable. If you are a basic rate tax payer over the age of 65 years, the annual tax charge is £220.06 and for the higher tax payer £440.12 on a single premium of £1,100.30 paid by Newable. If you do not wish to join the PMI scheme you can opt out. If you wish to add family members through salary deduction, the rates are as follows: Couple = 2x Single Rate, Family = 2.5x Single Rate, Single Parent = 1.5x Single Rate.

Life Assurance

Life can be unpredictable. If the worst happens, we have a policy in place which will pay a tax-free lump sum equivalent to four times your annual salary to your nominated beneficiary. The cover will be in place whilst you are an employee and the cessation age is the state pension age.

Company Sick Pay

After you have successfully competed your probation, you are entitled to receive enhanced sick pay for a given period depending on your length of service. For example, if you have between one and five years’ service, you will receive 13 weeks full pay.

Group Income Protection Insurance

If you suffer with an injury or illness that lasts more than six months, and you are unable to work, Newable will continue to pay you after the company sick pay provision finishes. Newable will pay 75% of your salary, less statutory sick pay for up to five years to help you through this difficult time.

Health & Wellbeing

Annual Flu Jab

Seasonal flu vaccinations are funded by Newable and you can claim through expenses using your local chemist.

Eye Tests and Eyewear Contribution

Newable will cover the cost of an eye test for you up to £30. If you need to wear glasses or contact lenses for VDU work, then Newable will cover this cost up to £100.

Wellbeing and Mental Health Days

You can use up to 7 hours of your Volunteering Hours allowance (prorated for part-time people) to engage in wellbeing initiatives designated to nurture your mental health. For example, you could book the time off to attend a wellbeing workshop, fitness activity/event or health assessment check.

Employee Assistance Programme

We provide an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) with a 24-hour help line that offers you confidential, short-term counselling and a follow up service to help you with personal and work-related problems. The service is free of charge, completely confidential and available to both you and your family members.

Annual Health Assessments

In partnership with Nuffield Heath, we offer annual health assessments at a discounted rate for you and your family members. Nuffield Health experts use non-invasive tests to determine the state of your current health and provide advice on how to improve and maintain good health.

Hybrid working

Newable has introduced a new hybrid working policy which allows you to work more flexibly. There is an expectation that you would be working out of our London Office at least two days per week (pro-rata for part-time people).

Ability to use network of offices

You have the flexibility to book and work out of a NewFlex office location as they have a number of offices across the UK, including use of the XCHG London at 22 Bishopsgate

Annual Leave & Time Off

25 – 30 days holiday

You will have 25 days holiday each year, plus the opportunity to have your entitlement enhanced by one day per year for each full holiday year in employment up to a maximum for 30 days.

Holiday for your Birthday

You can have an additional day off work for your birthday. If your birthday falls at the weekend, you can have either the nearest Monday or Friday off instead to celebrate.

Career Breaks or Sabbaticals

You can apply for a career break or sabbatical for a set amount of unpaid leave to allow you the time to fulfil your ambitions outside of work. This will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Ability to Buy and Sell Holidays

You can buy or sell up to five days of your annual leave entitlement each year subject to your line manager’s approval.

Early Finish on a Friday

On Fridays, we finish early which means you can finish your day’s work at 16:30, to either miss the weekend rush hour or get a head start on your weekend plans.

Enhanced Family friendly Leave and Pay

Newable offers enhanced family friendly leave and pay entitlement if you have 26 weeks continuous service with us by the qualifying week of the expected childbirth, or by the week a child is matched for adoption. This enhancement includes 16 weeks’ full pay for maternity and adoption, 14 weeks full pay for shared parental and 2 weeks full pay for paternity. The remaining 23 weeks are paid at statutory level.

Parental Bereavement Leave

In the unfortunate event where you might suffer the loss of a child or, suffer a stillbirth after 24 weeks of pregnancy, you would be entitled to two weeks parental bereavement leave on full pay. This is subject to meeting the eligibility of 26 weeks service with Newable.

Volunteering Hours

You have the option to take up to 28 hours per annum (pro-rated for parttime people) of volunteering time to support your chosen charities and initiatives.

Other Benefits

Free Mortgage Advice

We have undertaken a valuable partnership with an external mortgage brokerage team that provides expert advice on mortgages to our valued customers. This confidential service is available to you at no cost.

Tax-Free Childcare support

If you are a parent and joined the Childcare Voucher Scheme on or before 4th October 2018, you can sacrifice up to £55 per week from your salary, without tax and NI contributions. If not, you can take advantage of the government’s Tax-Free Childcare scheme via the website.

Interest Free Season Ticket Loans

If you have successfully passed your probation, you may apply and benefit from an interest free season ticket loan to reduce the cost of their travel.

Free Refreshments

We offer you complimentary snacks, tea, coffee and fruit at our London Head Office (140 Aldersgate).

Charitable Giving

Many of our people are active and enthusiastic fundraisers, and we are happy to support you in any fundraising activity by providing match funding of up to £500.

Team Socials

In a world of hybrid and flexible working, we recognise that bonding with your team is more important than ever. Teams can therefore organise social activities so that you can get to know your colleagues more.

Payroll giving

You can access this simple, tax efficient scheme to give money to UK registered charities of your choice by having the deduction taken on a salary sacrifice basis from your gross pay.

Career Outplacement Support

If in the unfortunate circumstances your role becomes redundant, we will provide you with career outplacement support from a specialist career coach. They will provide practical and emotional support to help you navigate the job market and hopefully find your next role.

Salary Sacrifice Electric Car Scheme

If you have two years of continuous service with Newable you have the opportunity to lease an electric car via the Newable Salary Sacrifice scheme and Synergy Car Leasing. You can save up to 40% of the monthly leasing price.

Cycle to Work Scheme

This tax incentive scheme helps to enable you to cycle to and from work. Under the scheme, Newable will pay for your bicycle and bicycle equipment, and you will be able to pay back through a salary sacrifice arrangement of up to 12 months.



Please note that the company reserves the right to alter the above benefits.