ESG and Sustainability Manager - Aldersgate

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Newable is committed to unleashing the extraordinary potential of Britain's business men and women. We provide a range of products and services that help people start up, sustain and scale their businesses.

This is a new, high-profile position and the successful candidate will work across Newable to ensure the successful rollout of our sustainability and environmental programme and play a key part in supporting on Governance (particularly on compliance and reporting) and Social matters.

This is a great opportunity to be the driving force behind building a brighter future for Newable and all of our stakeholders.

Key Responsibilities include:

  1. Developing and managing a comprehensive programme on sustainability and the environment
  2. Developing and operating an effective programme and project management framework
  3. Managing environmental management systems (EMS) and group-level data tracking across all of our locations
  4. Supporting the process of external certification, accreditation and reporting on sustainability
  5. Supporting risk and assurance activities and the corporate due diligence process
  6. Helping to raise awareness of sustainability and environmental matters internally and externally
  7. Undertaking research on sustainability and the environment

Experience/skills/qualifications required for the role:

  1. Proven experience of programme or project management
  2. Proven experience of engaging with stakeholders
  3. Proven experience of managing and executing regular communications programmes
  4. Knowledge and experience of ESG with a specific focus on sustainability and the environment
  5. Graduate/post-graduate or equivalent in business, finance or another related subject

You should have a genuine interest in the sustainability and environmental agenda. You should be flexible and adaptable in your approach to processes and policies. You should be an excellent communicator, analytical and have great interpersonal skills.

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6th Floor, 140 Aldersgate Street, Barbican, London EC1A 4HY


Management Services




Full time


£50,000 - £60,000 per year


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